Cities impose varying demands on sellers.  These include site inspections, building report summaries, or simply tax on the selling price.

As an example, the City of Redondo Beach charges $2.20 per $1,000 of the selling price and requires a building permit summary to be acknowledged by the buyer as a condition of sale.  

The City of Rolling Hills Estates requires and on-site inspection unless waived by the buyer.  

Palos Verdes Estates requires the seller to obtain and the buyer to acknowledge a building report summary.  In addition, the Verdes Homes Association strongly recommends that buyers require sellers to provide a Letter of Completion and Compliance prior to the conclusion of a sale.  This would alert buyers of anything done to the exterior of the property without approval.  

The City of Los Angeles requires a transfer tax of $4.50 per $1,000 of the selling price above the recorded mortgage indebtedness of the seller.  In addition an affidavit must be deposited by the seller or his approved representative that required water-saving devices have been installed, gas earthquake shutoff valves are installed, and proper shatterproofing is provided as required on windows.

Thus, with such variations, it is essential that the specific requirements of each municipality be investigated.  

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