Geologists and soils engineers are licensed to perform inspections and do testing to establish the stability of land.  Although hillside properties are the ones that generally cause concern about landslides, flat land can be a subject of concern also in terms of soil stability and may warrant being checked out.  As an example, a dry lake bed can cause problems due to swelling and shrinking that occurs in rainy seasons, especially when top soil has been added on top of the sand base. 

Poor compaction of the fill that underlies a structure can be a source of problems.  In the past, compaction requirements were less stringent and, as a result, settling problems can be found in some older homes. 


Soils engineering firms investigate other soil stability issues as well.  Water causes many of the problems that are the purview of soils engineers, including mud flows and erosion that can follow rainstorms.  For these reasons it is wise to investigate site stability.  


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