Rolling Hills is a gated city with three guarded entrances to the city.  Its home sites are subdivided into lots of 1 gross acre or more.  In the 1930s, the Palos Verdes Corporation which owned the land set about to preserve the beauty of the area by establishing building restrictions and governing CC&Rs.  A Rolling Hills Community Association was established to oversee development. 

The first homes were built on Williamburg Lane in the late 1930s, at which time 2-story homes were allowed.  Subsequently, rules were established that restricted future construction to single level homes.  (However, mezzanines and basements are found in homes throughout the city.)  Other rules include the requirement that all buildings in the city be white in color.  There is no commercial development within the City of Rolling Hills

Architectural building plans must be approved by the Rolling Hills Community Association anytime design changes or additions are made to houses in the city. 

Rolling Hills was incorporated in 1957 as a general law city with a City Manager to handle the business of the city.  It has a Building Department that handles building premits and inspections.  The Rolling Hills Community Association provides oversight of building design and to assure conformance with the deed restrictions. 

Each of the three gates into the city is guarded 24 hours each day. One gate is on Crest Road near Crenshaw Blvd., one is off of Palos Verdes Dr. East near Miraleste, and the main gate is at Palos Verdes Drive North and Rolling Hills Road.  Entrance permits are granted by fee to workmen hired by homeowners. Guests may enter when resident owners provide their names to the guards.  No public access or open houses are permitted.  Similarly, no signs are permitted on the properties.

Property owners receive annual assessments to pay for road maintenance, gate guards, and maintenance of Community facilities that include the Community Association building and tennis courts.  The fee is calculated based upon the assessed valuation and is added to the County property tax bill.

Fire and police services are provided by Los Angeles County.  The County Sheriff's Department Station in Lomita provides service, including radar speed control.  The City has its own branch of the Los Angeles County Fire  Department, located on Crest Road.


Rolling Hills is served by the Palos Verdes Unified School District.  Dapplegrey, located near the Rolling Hills Road entrance, is the elementary school that is currently assigned, but please verify with the District by clicking on the button you will find on the main page of this website.  Also, call the school to confirm that space is immediately available in the needed grade level, as students entering after the school year begins may be assigned elsewhere if the maximum number of students has been met.  Later, when attrition makes space available, the students are allowed to return to the home school.

For middle school level, which covers Grade 6 through Grade 8, students go to Miraleste Intermediate on Palos Verdes Drive East.  High school students are permitted a choice of either Peninsula High School in Rancho Palos Verdes at the corner of Silver Spur Road and Hawthorne Blvd. or Palos Verdes High School in Lunada Bay on Cloyden Road.


The Miraleste Branch of the Palos Verdes Library is located near the East Gate and near the intermediate school.  Plans are being formalized to expand the present facility to accommodate more users.

Community Playhouse

The Norris Theater for Performing Arts located in Rolling Hills Estates has two locations close to Crossfield Drive for performances and gatherings.  These facilities were built from funds donated by members of the community and offer space for local groups to present their programs in addition to providing featured professional performances. 

U.S. Post Office

The main Post Office for the Peninsula is located at the corner of Silver Spur Rd. and Deep Valley Dr. in Peninsula Center.  Postal Annexes and substations can be found in other areas, including Malaga Cove in Palos Verdes Estates.

Statistics and Government




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