There is no substitute for hiring a qualified home inspector when purchasing real estate, whether residential, commercial or industrial property.  The problem is in identifying a qualified inspector as they are not licensed in the State of California.  Thus choosing one is difficult.  It must be based on other criteria such as their membership in one of the organizations for inspectors (perhaps as one of their instructors), their current licenses in other classifications (e.g. general contractors), and/or recommendations.  


Home inspectors cover most systems, structural, mechanical and electrical in a home.  Thus they must have a very broad knowledge base coupled with the experience needed to recognize deficiencies.


The home inspector generally conducts the primary overview of the property and recommends other inspections be done when finding conditions that warrant them.  Home inspectors do not check for geologic conditions or hazardous materials present.  They also may limit their inspections beyond these items, so buyers should be prepared to hire additional experts as needed.  Selection of inspectors should be made based upon the inspectors thoroughness and depth of his knowledge. 


Some categories of inspections that a buyer could find beneficial are listed below.  Please click on the subjects of interest. 

Geologic and Soils Engineering Inspections

Structural Engineering

Roof Inspections & Roof Certifications

Pest Control (Termite) Inspections

Environmental Hazards Inspections

     Asbestos Inspections

     Mold Inspections

     Radon Inspections

     Lead-Based Paint Inspections

     City Inspections

     Palos Verdes Homes Association Inspections


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